Maybe to other, more powerful men, sure. But let’s not gloss over the fact that women are treated as the expendable gender by men, as a whole. When it comes to the interests of men, women are immediately thrown under the bus. I’ll go into this more under the cut.

When women are harassed on the streets by men, and clearly express being made unsettled and intimidated and afraid by it, they’re told to shut the fuck up and be flattered by it and that them being treated like sex objects is fine as long as they don’t make men feel like assholes. So, basically, when it comes to the interests of men, women’s feelings of safety and security is seen as too petty to even bother with or acknowledge. They’re called ‘hysterical’ and ‘full of themselves’ for wanting respect, but women are just /expected/ to give men respect even when it’s not reciprocated.

How about when women get to sentenced to life in prison after killing their abusers in self defense, even when it’s clearly proven it was self defense. Is there sympathy for them?

Then ignorant people will say ‘why didn’t she just leave’, usually knowing nothing of how abusive relationships work in the first place and not acknowledging that Women Are Constantly Told To Shut The Fuck Up and/or Be Flattered By Men Harassing And Abusing Them (though, naturally, we pretend it’s ‘ego-boosting attention’), but also saying this as if to lay the blame of being beaten on her and imply it was her fault it happened.

Men are sent to war to die for women some say. Yet women as a group were only restricted from war by men in the first place, who declared (and still declare) women’s role as weak and submissive, to stay at home and be caregivers and human incubators to pump out resources if required. Being valued as an object is not the same thing as being valued as a human being. Because when women don’t want to be human incubators, they’re called murderers for daring to want bodily autonomy, and threatened and intimidated with violent rhetoric. Reproductive slavery of people in possession of a uterus is not acknowledged as horrific, but dismissed as ‘business as usual’. They are expected to be mindless martyrs, as long as it’s in the interests of men and the roles they have designated women with.

I could go on, of course. I could go on about how when the majority of men rape a majority of women we talk of the man’s reputation and well-being while slut-shaming and victim blaming the victimized women for daring to Exist in the same room as men or daring to have a sexual history. We talk of how ‘sex was in the air’ to excuse the actions of a rapist, when even some of our justice systems give them slaps on the wrist instead of actual punishments. We pretend it’s all about isolated incidents in dark alleys by ‘insane’ men, while the majority of rapes are committed by acquaintances of the victim who were perfectly in control of themselves but simply decided to rape. We frame women’s sexuality as something poisonous and evil, pretending women as a whole are manipulators and schemers out to get men by ‘trapping them with sex’, despite having no evidence to back this up, it’s just something assumed. We don’t ask the men who rape for self control, we don’t encourage men to stop treating women like sex objects and holes to fuck, we instead tell women they shouldn’t expect any kind of self control from men. And with this we tell women to live in fear, to not expect to be treated like anything more than objects and public property. With this we deny women basic decency and humanity. We don’t expect better, so we get worse, reinforcing the mindsets that rapists have of women and letting serial rapists run wild because they get tips from society on how to evade justice.. and sometimes just get active help.

I /could/ go on, but just writing this is reminding of me of how ‘post-feminist’ we, as society, are not. I am not anti-men, but I refuse to ignore the fact that plenty of men are dead set on being anti-women and are excused for it time and time again. Men have plenty of problems weighed on them by our society, but this claim to being the one and only ‘expendable’ ones is an insult to the women who suffer. It an erasure of the history of violence against women, perpetuated and reinforced by groups of men.

Edit Note: This probably seems to have come out of nowhere but I get this a lot from anti-feminists who seem to like bringing up the idea of ‘female privilege’. All of this stuff I mentioned above is still going on right now. So yeah, I don’t really buy that men alone are treated as expendable, nor that men are marginalized for their gender. Women are the ones marginalized due to their gender (note, I said /due to gender/, there are plenty of other different ways men are marginalized.. just not for their gender).

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