Isn’t that so nice of him? Clearly he’s thinking about the best interests of the children. Definitely watch the videos too, the experience wouldn’t be complete without it.

Another tenet, from the FAQ page: “We recognize and celebrate faith, religion and the role of God in America’s founding and making our country the greatest place on Earth,” the site reads.

In an introductory letter posted on the website, Huckabee explains further. “Many of our schools and teachers today haven’t found ways to make history for kids fun,” he writes. “Instead, they’re teaching with political bias that distorts facts for the sake of political correctness. As a result, our national pride and patriotism are in jeopardy.”

The site lists four experts on its “Council of Masters” as having designed the lessons, including Dr. Larry Schweikart, the author of A Patriot’s History of the United States, also known as one of Glenn Beck’s favorite history books.

The greatest place on Earth. Yeah, no bias from Mike in these parts, I can see he’s trying to be as cautiously impartial as possible here. God also apparently plays favorites and America got the gold star. Mike just /knows/ this, in his heart I guess.

And wow, that is a darling introductory letter. I wonder, how is Mike’s position on history somehow /not/ political biased and just inherently more fun times and truthful than the apparent ‘PC’ bias being taught to children? He never seems to explain other than using vague terms. No, wait, let me guess. Because he says it’s more truthful and that’s just ‘self-evident’ common sensical so there’s no need to explain. Right. Huckabee never really defines what true ‘national pride’ and ‘patriotism’ is, nor how they are in jeopardy, but they sure /sound/ meaningful. Oh well, maybe he just wants to get us back to those Good Ole Dayz where no one was unhappy or treated badly due to their differences in the least. Or something. Though, I’m still kind of curious. How exactly is being ‘Politically Correct’ a bad thing? He seems to use it as a pejorative but never goes further into it. Odd, that.

Still, this is Mike Huckabee people. If he decides that the only ‘right’ history is the most ‘patriotic’ then we should apparently be grateful, not complaining about stuff like accuracy and facts. It seems we don’t even need to think anymore, as long as Mike Huckabee is around. Because that’s democracy, never saying a negative thing about America ever and accepting a set of beliefs uncritically. Or something. Anyway, thank goodness for Mike Huckabee. If we’re lucky, we just might get him as our next president. Are you excited?